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Kru Sid

Muay Thai Trainer

Sid comes from Satun, a Thai province that boders Malaysia. He started training at the age of 7 and would end up fighting professionaly for 20 years. When Sid was 15 years old he became South Thailands Boxing Champion at only 100 lbs. He has been living and breathing Muay Thai for most of his life, it is his life, so becoming an instructor was only a natural progression. Sid has been teaching for over 12 years now. Clinching is his specialty and he loves to knee, this is unfortionate if you are his oponent but very good if you are his student. He has trained at some of the most well known gyms in Phuket to include AKA gym, Stay Fit, Power House, & Rawai Muay Thai.

When not training Sid loves a nice sour & spicy fish curry/soup known as Gaeng Som. He enjoys spending time with his family and tending to his garden of beautiful flowers and plants.


Kru Sid
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