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At Rawai Boxing Camp our aim is to bring high quality, accessible and affordable self defense sessions to the Tambon Rawai area. The fact that we have our own Stadium and our innovative approach to classic boxing and Thai boxing (Muay Thai) methods are just some of the many things that make us unique. Proudly Thai owned & operted, we think our story is pretty unique too, read about it below! 

Coop Areerob (คีบ อารีรอบ) is the sucessor of the family throne that is Rawai Boxing Camp. The land has been in the Areerob (อารีรอบ) family for over 60 years, first purchased by the patriarch Ahn Areerob (อั้น อารีรอบ). The son of Ahn, Peecha Areerob (ปรีซา อารีรอบ), opened the Muay Thai Camp & Stadium in 1997 as an outlet to keep young men and children out of the streets and off of drugs. Back then it was known as Sor Areerob. Over time the family ended up leasing out the space and its facilities to entreprenuering local Muay Thai coaches. This has resulted in many gym names (such as Rawai Muay Thai, Rawai Supa Muay Thai, and Kinga Muay Thai) and changed hands a few times over the years, but now it is back being run by the Areerob (อารีรอบ) clan under the vision and management of Coop Areerob (คีบ อารีรอบ), son of Peecha (ปรีซา) and grandson of Ahn (อั้น).


In 2020 Coop felt the calling to keep his family legacy going and decided to take over the facility, renaming it Rawai Boxing Camp. 
Coop manages the gym with passion and vision, under his direction Rawai Boxing Camp offers not only Muay Thai but Classic Boxing and Weights & Conditioning as well. The facilities have been updated, the camp now includes a weights room, the space to train has been expanded, the housing for fighters has been remodeled, and the property has been beautified with plants and lush greenery.


Coop has put just as much thought and intention in his staffing as he has done in everything else. He has been passionate and intentional about taking on only tenured and reputable coaches to bring a new type of energy to the gym. Just read the teams bio and you will see that our Kru have a wide range of expertise and are here to expertly train you through every step of your journey. It is not just a slogan, we really are the best value in quality training.

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