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Kru Fhad


Fhad was born in Songkhla, not far from the border of Malaysia. Growing up he loved the challenge of sports and at the age of 10 he was drawn to Muay Thai because it seemed like a fun and exciting way to better himself.

He fought for a few years before finding his calling as an instructor. Fhad has been gaining experience and sharing his knowledge all over Phuket for the past 17 years. Having worked in Kao Wichit, Lion Muay Thai, and Sinbi Muay Thai, he has built a reputation around his easy going nature yet hard hitting sessions. It is easy to see that all these years later he still finds Muay Thai fun and exciting which is why he loves teaching it, that and seeing his students improve.

When Fhad is not teaching he loves a nice hot bowl of Tom Yum Soup and you can find him learning the guitar or watching & playing football (soccer).

Kru Fhad
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