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Coach Ali

Boxing Coach

Ali is from Neyshābūr, Iran. A town with ancient origins, known for its agriculture and beautiful crafts. Here is where Ali would get into athletics, dabbling in gymnastics at the local sports center. He was inspired by his Gymnastics coach, who also taught wrestling, to give wrestling a try as it was a very popular and common sport for young boys in Iran. The coach was impressed so at the age of 11 Ali would go on to study wrestling for the next 4 years. It was in that same sports center, at the age of 14, where Ali would be introduced to his true love and life's passion, Boxing.

When him and his family moved to the capital of Tehran, Ali would get involved with the local amature boxing federation. He started working with an excellent coach who helped him improve his technique to the point where he would eventually go on to become a two time champion of Iran's capital province. (Master Arami)

After 8 years of boxing Ali began coaching and has continued to coach internationally for over 22 years. Ali holds an AIBA 1 Star Coaching Certification from the International Boxing Association, one of the most prestigious certifcataions you can get within the Western Boxing Industry. Ali hapilly trains many professional athletes but takes special pride in his ability to mold amatuer fighters into professional champions. Training amatuers is a craft that requiers passion, skill, & attention, and he loves the technicality and challenge of it all.

When not teaching Ali is a light hearted easy going guy who enjoys Chelo Kabob the ocassional Salsa class and walking with his dog on the beach, collecting small ocean treasures

Coach Ali
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