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Aja Pong

Master Muay Thai Trainer

Aja Pong (Pong)Was born on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, home of the Full Moon Party. At only 30 kilos and 9 years old Pong started training Muay Thai to help financially support his family. Within his 18 year fighting career he has had over 90 fights.

Teaching for over 20 years Pong is respected internationaly, having taught in places such as China and Switzerland on repeat ocassions. Before moving to Phuket he lived in Bangkok for many years where he trained at Galaxy Gym as well as Kaewsamrit Gym. Naturally, His own son, while young, is quite a talented fighter himself, undoubtebly in no small part due to his fathers coaching and influence. Training almost directly out of the womb, his son Gâo was fighting professionaly at 3 years old, now at 10 he has had over 30 fights and is on track to be a child prodigy.

Pong loves a nice beef steak, cooked Medium and is a a wiz in the kitchen, specializing in Spicy Thai Food!​


Aja Pong
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